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South Central Ambulance Subscriptions


Take the financial stress out of calling an ambulance.


South Central EMS understands medical transportation can be unexpected and costly. An average ambulance bill is $1500 with only around 50% covered by insurance. To financially safeguard your family against unforeseen medical emergencies, we offer our Annual Subscription Plan.

The Annual Subscription Plan covers out-of-pocket costs of any medically necessary transport by a South Central Ambulance. This includes:

  • 911 emergency medical response

  • Emergency transport authorized as medically necessary by a physician


Our subscription program is not health insurance and does not replace primary insurance. Health insurance however, does not pay 100 percent of your bill. After the subscriber’s primary insurance is billed, a South Central Ambulance annual subscription will cover additional fees EXCEPT for any/all co-pays, deductibles, or co-insurance.


At an affordable annual rate, you and your family can be prepared. For less than 14 cents per day, you won’t have to worry about unexpected expenses for medical transport.

Annual Membership Rates:

$50.00   Single

$75.00   (2) Persons

$125.00 (3-4) Persons

$200.00 (5) or more

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