"Your Life is our Mission"

The mission of South Central EMS is to meet the needs and exceed expectations for excellence in pre-hospital care and transportation by providing cost effective, response time sensitive, patient oriented care through our highly trained staff of professional, caring individuals.

Response Area

South Central EMS, Inc. provides Advanced and Basic Life Support Services to 8 municipalities in Dauphin County Pennsylvania. Dauphin County is the seat of government for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and our communities are all located in the Metropolitan Harrisburg area.

Our primary 9-1-1 response area includes Lower Paxton, East Hanover, and West Hanover Townships, and the northern section of South Hanover Township in Dauphin County, Pennsylvania. Our primary response area increased in July, 2003, to include the Boroughs of Middletown, Royalton, and Highspire. In addition South Central EMS provides Advanced Life Support Service to Londonderry Township as well.  All emergency coverage is provided 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Our History

The first ambulance was a 1948 Buick Ambulance donated to the three fire companies by Mr. Samueal Mummert, then President of the Lower Paxton Township Lions Club. By the year's end, the ambulance company, comprised entirely of volunteers, responded to 63 calls, repaid the $50.00 start up costs to each of the fire companies and earned $800.00 in assets.

The first ambulances were housed at the Colonial Park Firehouse and the Paxtonia Firehouse.  During this time the name of the organization was changed to "The Lower Paxton Volunteer Firemen's Ambulance Association."

When the first station was built in 1975 the annual call volume had risen to 1,614.  The company now increased the fleet to 3 trucks. That original station has been demolished and rebuilt on the same grounds, at 5531 Poplar Street in Lower Paxton Township, directly behind the Paxtonia Firehouse, in order to better suit our increase in the amount of units within the fleet, due to the increase in call volume.

Call volume continued to increase and it was necessary to put on additional personnel. Volunteers working at the time were unable to keep up with the emergency medical demands of a growing community. In 1977 the first two paid Emergency Medical Technicians were hired. The company continued to operate with a combination of paid personnel and volunteers, but the list of volunteers decreased steadily. Paid personnel out-numbered the volunteers by 1986, leading to another name change for the organization. The company was now called "Lower Paxton Emergency Medical Services."

On March 24th 1957, the joint Executive Boards of the Colonial Park, Linglestown, and Paxtonia Fire Companies held a business meeting to discuss the organization of a local ambulance service in Lower Paxton Township. Each fire company contributed $50.00 toward the start-up of the company and held the first organization meeting on March 27th 1957 at the Linglestown Fire Company. The new ambulance organization was called "The Firemen's Ambulance Association of Lower Paxton Township" and provided emergency medical services to Lower Paxton Township and West Hanover Townships in Dauphin County, PA.

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In addition to the many changes the company was facing due to the increasing call volume, far greater changes were taking place in the emergency medical services industry. These changes dealt with quicker response possibilities, new medical technology and equipment, and reimbursement regulations. The organization made many adjustments to adapt to the rapid changes taking place in EMS, including the expansion to a regional operation. The organization expanded the primary emergency response area to include East Hanover Township and the northern half of South Hanover Township. This expansion in area increased the number of emergency calls, therefore increasing revenue, so that the communities being served could receive the best care available. Along with the growth in geographic area, the company name was changed one more time to "South Central Emergency Medical Services, Inc."

Current Fleet

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